[SEMİNER] Intra-Operative MR Scanner (Made in Türkiye):Intra-Operative MR Scanner (Made in Türkiye)

Tarih: 18.11.2011
Yer: Kandilli

Ali Akgun, PhD

At a time when Turkish automobile industrialists are exploring the possibility of manufacturing cars in Turkiye with a view to placing a “Made in Turkiye” label, inevitably, one is also beginning to ask the question; “How can we establish Turkiye as a Magnetic Resonance (MR) Scanner technology manufacturing and exporting country rather than just leaving it to continue being a MR Scanner technology importing country”. Clearly, the realization of such a project would mean the creation of many high-tech and knowledge-based jobs for the Turkish workers and a substantial contribution to the Turkish economy through exporting healthcare technologies Made in Turkiye by addressing a multi-billion dollar global market. Over a period of several years, Specialty Scanners plc – through its wholly-owned subsidiary Specialty Magnetics Limited – has been engaged in the development of superconductive magnet technologies which provides an excellent platform for the design and construction of “Dedicated / Specialty” MR Scanners, such as “Breast-only” Intra-Operative MR Scanners optimized for the management of breast cancer patients. As part of his presentation the Speaker will be taking his audience through the journey taken by Specialty Scanners in the Research & Development of a novel “Intra-Operative, Dedicated Breast MR Scanner” and leaving his audience to ponder the following question: “Can Specialty Scanners’ technologies be a catalyst in the establishment of Turkiye as one of the few, select MR Scanner manufacturing and exporting countries ?“

Nov 18 (Friday)
Time: 15.00 - 17.00; 
@ Room AZ-19, BME-TAM Bldg,  BU Kandilli Campus