Microfluidic Chip Technology for Novel Diagnostic Devices

Tarih: 05.05.2015
Yer: BÜ BME Binası AZ-19 Kandilli 13:45- 14:30

Iris BERGMAIR- Sony DADC BioSciences

Building on Sony DADC's experience in high-precision optical disk manufacturing, Sony DADC BioSciences is changing the standard of medical practice by empowering the new generation of diagnostic tries with its microfluidic chip technology. Since 2009 BioSciences started partnerships with Life Sciences and Diagnostics companies enabling the industrial manufacturing of smart polymer parts. Within the talk the successful transfer from prototypes made of PDMS, Glass or even Steel are shown into mass manufactured disposable polymer parts for different applications like digital PCR and MALDI.

About the Speaker:

Iris Bergmair obtained her PhD degree from the University Linz in technical physics on the topic of Micro and Nanostructuring. She coordinated several national and international research projects and was group leader at PROFACTOR GmbH before she recently joined the Sony DADC BioScience Team as Head of Sales and Business Development EMEA.