Engineering Aspects of Artificial Organs Semineri

Tarih: 25.11.2014
Yer: BÜ BME Binası AZ-19 Kandilli

Mustafa AKDİŞ

Artificial organs such as blood pumps and heart-lung machines have been constantly introduced into several clinical applications for the last four decades. However, their widespread use in routine clinical practice has been achieved only in the last fifteen years. More recent developments and research in this field concentrate on the miniaturization and integration of complex electromechanical systems in small size implantable and smart medical devices. This miniaturization and integration has enabled new medical treatments with a particular emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures. The lecture gives an overview of currently existing artificial hearts and heart assist devices which currently represent the most promising therapeutic alternative for chronic heart failure patients. In addition to its medical application background, the lecture will also deal in a brief survey with the engineering sciences that are involved in the research and development of these medical devices. Finally a practical example based on the lecturers own experience with product development of a heart assist device shall be outlined, to present the underlying practical engineering aspects involved in this field.



Konuşmacı Hakkında:

Egitimini ve sonrasındaki profeyonel is hayatını yurtdışında (Almanya, ABD, Isvicre, Belcika) devam ettiren Mustafa Akdiş’in çalışmaları makina ve biyomedikal mühendislik alanlarındadır. Değişik firmalarda (MAQUET Cardiopulmonary AG, Fresenius Kabi, Leica Camera) Project Manager, Innovation Manager ve Cooperation Manager olarak görev yapmıştır.