Micro-computed tomography (microCT) for non-destructive quantitative characterization of biomaterials and biological samples

Tarih: 18.06.2014
Yer: Kimya Bölümü, Seminer Odası,  B.U. Kuzey Campus

From the first scanner invented in 1972, the Computed Tomography (CT) technology gradually expanded its use from the clinics to the research field. Only in 1994, with the presentation of the first commercially available bone microCT scanner by SCANCO Medical this technique started to become a standard in bone research. MicroCT is nowadays widely used for the characterization of biological tissues, biomaterials, implants, and a number of other applications requiring non-destructive quantitative characterization. The talk will introduce the basics of the technology and will focus on applications in the biomedical field. The characteristics of state of the art scanners and software for specimen ex-vivo, preclinical in-vivo, and human patient scanners will be further presented.

About the Speaker: Enrico Zamparo holds a Master’s Degree in materials engineering from the University of Trieste, Italy. He has worked for many years in industry R&D of biomaterials for bone augmentation and repair, including synthetic cements for the treatment of vertebral fractures and fibrin based scaffolds. He currently covers the role of Senior Manager Business Development and Marketing at Scanco Medical, a Swiss leading supplier of micro-computed tomography scanners and software.